Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nightmare on File Comparison...

Being a developer, have you ever encountered the problem of making a major change in your files and suddenly the whole program or website was not working at all? If you have been making consistently making backups using a SVN or you have been consistently creating you own build for backups, you can always use the following software to do a file or folder comparison to easily identify or rollback your changes.

Image taken from the website of WinMerge

Although the above application only works on a Windows, it doesn't mean that there isn't similar softwares in a Mac or a Linux. For a Mac, there's always FileMerge and on a Linux, you can always try softwares like Meld.

Biggest similarity between the softwares mentioned in the above - all of them are FREE tools to install and try.
Yes, I am a Cheapo/Cheapskate...... :P

* Click here for the website of WinMerge.
* Click here for the website of Apple Developer Tools, that contains FileMerge as part of
  the toolkit.
* Click here for the website of Meld.

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