Sunday, September 28, 2014

AngularJS: ng-repeat with conditioning styling

Well, in order to reduce the amount of work, you might be using quite a bit of 'ng-repeat' in your views/html files that uses angularJS. However, there might be a need to style the individual items differently. Therefore...

* Click here to access the demo that I have created on 'JSFiddle'.
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Problem opening an image with alpha transparent channel

There might be situations that you might be opening up a png file that was created by someone else and you have to edit it. So here's the question, how can you workaround the problem?

You have a png like the above.

Outcome when you open it using Photoshop.
There's a strange black border around the image.

So here's a workaround for it.

First click here to open up 'Photo editor online -'.

Reopen and save the image as a new file.

This would be the new file that I have created using "".

Now, when you open it using Photoshop, you won't be getting anymore
unnecessary black color border. :D Case closed. Happy Days...

* Click here for the official website of ''.