Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing with open source web stuff

Probably around 8 or 9 years ago, ever since I knew about the existence of an open source server side scripting language (PHP), I would spend a bit of time playing with it whenever I'm free. But I still remember how annoying it was if you are trying to setup a web server environment on your local machine. You need to find separate installers for Apache, PHP, mySQL, etc... Just by finding all these installers and downloading all of them can be pretty annoying. Luckily...

We have such tools that will help us to reduce all the crazy installation issues. Introducing...

Taken from the website, 'WampServer' is a Windows web development environment.
It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL database.
Alongside, PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage easily your database.
Congratulations, upon a successful installation of 'WampServer', you can skip
the step of downloading and installing the individual applications. Isn't that great?

As for 'MAMP', which is pretty much similar to 'WampServer' except for the fact
that it is meant for 'Mac' Users only. I was using this application when I was
using a 'Mac' computer in the office back then. The performance of this app
is pretty good and it's pretty useful too.

While browsing through the web, it seems that Linux have it's own set of applications that can accomplish the task of installing and configuring an open source web development environment for Apache, MySQL and PHP too. But you probably need to spend some time searching. (I have never used Linux before therefore...)

* Click here to find out more about 'WampServer'.
^ Click here to find out more about 'MAMP'

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