Saturday, November 3, 2012

Android: Simple XML Parsing

Probably due to the fact that I have been playing or working with XML (e4x) for a very long period of time, therefore it makes things pretty hard when I'm jumping backwards to the old way of parsing xml. After spending a bit of time looking through numerous tutorials and my previous codes, here's a simple xml parsing project that I have created.

'Screen grab of my XML Parsing Project'
Basically, upon running the app, it will copy an XML into your android
device. Upon a successful copying of the file, I will read the contents
of the XML file and display them in a TextView.
(Because I'm combining some of my previous tutorial with this, therefore
it's difficult for me to show all the source files in this post. I would
highly suggest that you download the source files and look through the
source codes and the comments that I have added.)

* Click here for the source files of the project.
^ Click here for the 'Android XML Parsing Tutorial' that I have referenced.

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