Saturday, December 8, 2012

OMG it still exists....

Do you have experience creating a website? Spending too much time creating and debugging a website? And how much time have you spent on the debugging process? But do you know that IE6 still holds more than 5% of the overall market share for web browsers?

Image taken from 'NetMarketShare'.
According to the website shown in the above, more than 50% of the market
share are IE browsers. On top of that just by combining IE6, IE8 and IE9
still takes up more than 50% of the overall market share. And if you do
a search for the term 'IE6' in google, you will be getting all sorts of
results related to articles asking users to upgrade their browser to a better one.

Anyway the website doesn't provide statistics of the desktop browser alone.
There's statistics for the Operating System used by desktop users,
Operating System used by mobile, Search Engines, etc...
(I wonder when can we reach the day where IE6 would drop to less than 1%
in the overall market share for Web browsers. O.O)

* Click here to find out more about 'NetMarketShare'.

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