Sunday, August 7, 2011

Facebook: Changing the description of your websites / blogs

This happen to me quite often in the past. I was building a website or after I had written a new post on one of my blogs, I would immediately copy and paste the URL of the website onto my Facebook wall. Upon doing that, Facebook will show you the title, the description and a series of thumbnail for you to select of the URL that you have pasted. You realise that some parts of the copy were missing due to some illegal characters or you suddenly decided to change the thumbnail of the website. After making that minor change, Facebook will still reflect the same contents as per what you had before you make the minor change. What to do? How to work around this issue?

As long as the same URL have not been shared by any other users, you will still have a way to ask Facebook to update to the latest content.

Click here to move to one of the developer tools that Facebook had created.

Copy and paste the URL that you want to share into the text field and click on the 'Lint' button located next to the text field.

Now, the updated content should be appearing on this webpage and you can start sharing your URL with the correct set of contents now. :)

  • This method will not work after someone had already started sharing the same URL that you are sharing.
  • If this method doesn't work, create a separate server script scripting file and do a redirect from that file. And share the new URL. :D

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