Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creating your own Screen Saver is as easy as ABC

Are you getting bored with the default screen savers that comes with your personal computers? Have you heard of an interactive screen saver before? Or a screen saver that works is a game like snake, pac-man, etc? Or ever had a dream of creating or customizing a screen saver yourself? This seems to be a dream but you can now have your dreams fulfilled by using...

The above logo was taken from the website of Screentime Media.
Screentime Media.

So why do are my reasons for recommending Screentime Media?
  • Supports OS like Windows and Mac
  • Gives you an option of creating a screensaver that can only be closed either by a mouse movement or a keyboard input
  • Allows the screensaver to detects for the existence of an internet connection
  • Customizable installation settings like preview window, installer window, settings window, etc
  • and much much more...

* Click here for the website of Screentime Media.

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