Saturday, October 22, 2011

An exciting new Android phone which is a the collaboration between Google and Samsung

Ever since the 'Nexus One' phone that was released close to 2 years ago, this was the first time I was so excited about a new phone. The name of the phone would be ...

(Image taken from the Official website of Nexus Galaxy.)
the 'Nexus Galaxy' phone from Google and Samsung.

One would ask what makes the phone so exciting?
Well, this is because...
  • Looking at how good 'Nexus One' was back then, I don't see why one could resist Nexus Galaxy
  • 'Nexus One' comes with pure Android UI, which is a plus and you don't need to spend time playing with the UI that Samsung had created.
  • First priority in getting all the latest Android version
  • Conclusion... this is definitely a Geek's best friend

* Click here to access the website of 'Galaxy Nexus'.
^ Click here to access the website of 'Nexus One'.

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