Thursday, September 26, 2013

Windows: Create a automated action...

Not all software out there allows you to save a series of commands/actions and allows you to run them again without the need of opening the software. Even if it can allow you to do that using command prompt, not all the functionalities will not be provided to you. Luckily there are software like...

You can script the actions that you would like to perform in a particular
software. On top of that, you can generate the script into a normal
windows executable(.exe) file that allows you to share it with normal
Windows User.

However, I knew that there are numerous software out there that can provide
you with a GUI interface and record all the necessary steps that you would
like to perform over and over again. Ex: winautomation, Do It Again,
RoboTask, etc... But most of them requires a license, and since I'm
performing a easy task, therefore I would rather spend a bit of time
scripting the actions rather than paying for a license.

* Click here to find out more about 'AutoHotkey'.

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