Sunday, January 12, 2014

Playing with timestamp...

While playing with timestamp across various types of platform / coding environment, it can get pretty annoying as you manipulate the data. And if you are going to create a countdown timer to a particular date, you would have to find the difference of today's date and the selected date, and that's when timestamp will step into the picture. Luckily there's...

Epoch Converter
That can help us to make our work much more easier.
Besides for the tool that helps you to identify the actual date from the given
timestamp, there's tools to help you to identify the difference between 2 dates,
the week of the current date, etc... It also provides a guide that provides the
syntax for finding timestamp across the various types of platform too. :D
And if you playing/working with all these date data on a daily basis, you will
definitely find this website to be pretty helpful. :D

* Click here for the 'Epoch Converter' website.

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