Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Managing plugin detection on IE11

If you have been creating and managing various type of contents online, you might want to take note of the change on IE11. It seems that in order to make the life of the developers much more easier, IE11 now supports the javascript code "navigator.plugins". However, it seems that this doesn't really return the desired outcome. I have run the script on IE11 and it only returns 'Microsoft Silverlight', whereby my Chrome and Firefox has much more results. (Ex: Flash, Quicktime, etc...) Therefore if you are detecting browser plugins, you should still check for ActiveXObject first followed by "navigator.plugins". But looking on the bright side, seems that Microsoft is trying to make everyone's life much more easier which is a (+). However, it looks like they have to spend a bit more time improving it.

* Click here to check the results of "navigator.plugins" on your browser.
^ Click here for the changes that Internet Explorer 11 has.

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