Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flex: Playing with text that contains HTML Entity

I was working and debugging projects with a bunch of test that contains HTML entities the other day and I realise that if you were given a bunch of copy that contains common HTML entities characters like '>', '<', '€', ... etc you might encounter problems like bold text not rendered correctly. And if you are going to filter or detect a special character in the body text, you might ended up checking for characters that contains &#...; if which quite troublesome and not so user friendly. Hence after looking around the web for some time, here is one of the derived solutions for some of the common special characters.

Here's the source file for the demo that I'm going to show in this post.


* Click here for the demo I have created.
^ Click here to download the source files for the demo.
# Click here for more information on HTML Entities.
! Click here for a better solution if you need a better and more complete class for replacing these HTML entities.

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